March 7, 2021

Transcript: Intel’s Swan explains how Intel can win the PC market

By Mark Hachman

Editor’s note: Intel chief executive Bob Swan sat down briefly via Zoom with reporters and analysts in advance of CES 2021 to summarize where the company stands in 2021 and what the company plans to talk about at CES. He then briefly respondied to reporters’ questions.

Below is a partial transcript, edited for clarity. You can use the table of contents to the left to jump right to the reporters’ questions and Swan’s answers, which follow Swan’s lengthy introduction. We’ve also broken up Swan’s comments, here and there, with subheadings describing the topic he’s discussing.

Swan: Right when I joined somebody was saying it’s good to have 2020 behind us, and I couldn’t agree more. At the same time, the start to the year hasn’t been that great just in terms of the things we have had to deal with. I thought what I would do is just kind of kick off a little bit about strategically what we’ve been up to, and then a little foreshadowing into what what we expect you to see on the 11th.

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