March 7, 2021

BrandPost: The World’s Only Processor Family with Full Memory Encryption

By Brand Post

Whether you are a large corporation or small business, protecting your customers and business data is important. There are numerous reports of computers being lost or stolen containing very sensitive information such as banking records, individuals’ health information, and even government FBI investigations.

With modern notebooks and desktop PCs that are never fully turned off, the threat of this data being stolen from a physical attack (sometimes referred to as a “Cold Boot Attack”) is high. Many security mechanisms, even drive encryption, can be defeated through this type of attack.

Through a modern, multi-layered approach to security, AMD processors help protect sensitive data from today’s sophisticated attacks, help avoid downtime, and can reduce resource drain. AMD provides a set of silicon- and firmware-level security features that is then built into AMD’s industry ecosystem partners at the OS and system levels. In particular, AMD Memory Guard brings a new set of security features to help address an old industry problem.

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