January 26, 2021

Gaming Like It’s 1925: Get Ready For The Next Public Domain Game Jam

By Leigh Beadon

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In a couple weeks, the public domain in the US will expand for the third year in a row, as works published in 1925 finally run out of copyright protection — and just like we have for the past two years, we’re celebrating and showing off the benefits of a robust public domain with a game jam: Gaming Like It’s 1925.

We’re inviting everyone to try their hand at using newly public domain material from 1925 to create a digital or analog game this January. Whether you’re an experienced game designer or just someone trying their hand at it, the public domain is an excellent source of all kinds of game material from story inspiration to art and music assets, so sign up for the jam at itch.io. The jam page has full details on the rules, links to some lists of material entering the public domain, and information on easy game-building tools that can help newbies and veterans alike with the challenge of creating a game in a month.

As usual, we’ll be awarding prizes in six categories (the winners of the last jam are linked below, and you can read our judges’ thoughts on them here):

We’ve also got another great panel of new and returning judges this year:

Gaming Like It’s 1925 officially kicks off on January 1st, the same day that the new material enters the public domain, and runs until the end of the month — but you can sign up now and start making plans. Both of the past jams have resulted in some really cool, creative games that demonstrate why a growing public domain is so valuable, and we’re all excited to see what our participants come up with this time around!

Source:: https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20201215/10450345890/gaming-like-1925-get-ready-next-public-domain-game-jam.shtml