January 26, 2021

Microsoft: Xbox cloud gaming will finally arrive on Windows this spring

By Mark Hachman

Microsoft finally committed to bringing its Xbox cloud gaming technologies to Windows PCs in spring 2021, right on time to catch up with the incredible shortage of graphics cards that is preventing Windows gamers from playing on their own PCs.

Microsoft also committed to bringing cloud gaming to iPhones via its mobile Web browser, the company said. It will all be part of Microsoft’s Game Pass Ultimate subscription, available for $15 per month. (Or less, if you know how to work the system.) Finally, Microsoft will have delivered on its promise to make cloud gaming a part of its entire ecosystem, by delivering cloud gaming via the Xbox Windows 10 app or a browser.

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Source:: https://www.pcworld.com/article/3600668/microsoft-xbox-cloud-gaming-will-finally-arrive-on-windows-this-spring.html#tk.rss_all