January 18, 2021

Trump Doubles Down On Threat To Defund Military Because People Are Mean To Him Online; Republicans Threaten To Override His Veto

By Mike Masnick

On Tuesday, we highlighted that it looked like Congressional Republicans were willing to finally stand up to their party’s insecure and whiny lame duck president and refuse to include a Section 230 repeal as part of the military authorization bill, the NDAA.

Senator Jim Inhofe, who heads the Senate Armed Services Committee and who lead the negotiation on the bill, has been a longtime supporter of the President, and has said that the two talk by phone every couple days. But on Wednesday, Inhofe apparently did his phone call telling Trump that the 230 repeal wasn’t going into the NDAA while on a speakerphone walking down the hallway of a Senate building, meaning that people overheard Inhofe tell Trump that the 230 repeal wasn’t going to happen.

On Thursday, the negotiations closed and a deal was made on the NDAA that does not include anything on Section 230 because, as Inhofe rightly notes, that’s got nothing to do with the military at all. In response, Trump continued his temper tantrum and claims he really will veto the bill, putting the military he always claims to support so much at risk of severe cuts.

That’s Trump saying that because the NDAA doesn’t revoke Section 230, which Trump falsely says is “so bad for our National Security and Election Integrity” (it’s not), he will veto. The thing is, everyone knows he’s full of shit. And Republicans are not only saying that they have the votes to override a veto, they seem to be getting snippy with the President about it. Here’s Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger saying he’ll vote to override the veto and concluding with the kind of thing you don’t often hear from Republicans these days when talking to Trump: “Because it’s really not about you.”

No, it’s not about him. But it is about him throwing a total whiny tantrum because people made fun of him online, and wanting to punish the entire internet and free speech in response. The idea that it’s worth undermining the military (which he claims to support, and which frequently supports him) is… quite something.

Source:: https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20201203/23560945818/trump-doubles-down-threat-to-defund-military-because-people-are-mean-to-him-online-republicans-threaten-to-override-his-veto.shtml