January 27, 2021

Why Snapdragon 888 could be the end of Qualcomm’s U.S. dominance

By Michael Simon

Qualcomm has unveiled its newest flagship processor for the next group of premium Android phones and as always, the Snapdragon 888 brings a slew of enhancements over the 865 as well as a larger-than-expected leap in numbering all the way up to 888. Granted, Qualcomm hasn’t really stuck to a deliberate naming scheme for its chips, but the past few versions (beginning with the 835) have increased by a multiple of 10. Skipping 23 numbers signals that the Snapdragon chipset is entering a new era in its development.

So why 888? The most logical answer is because of China. The culture places significant emphasis on numbers. OnePlus went from the 3T to the 5 because the number for “4” sounds too close to the word for “death” in Chinese, for example—and it doesn’t get any more superstitious than the number 8. Since 888 translates to triple fortune, it’s extremely lucky in Chinese numerology.

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Source:: https://www.pcworld.com/article/3598737/qualcomm-snapdragon-888-android-samsung-galaxy-s21-exynos-2211-us-dominance.html#tk.rss_all