January 28, 2021

Why a 1080p webcam is a great stocking stuffer for 2020: Buying guide

By Mark Hachman

The best holiday stocking stuffer for 2020 is—believe it or not—a 1080p webcam. Earlier this year they were nearly impossible to find, as millions of people gearing up to work or study from home tried to improve upon the 720p models most laptops have. Now 1080p models are plentiful again, making it a perfect time to pick up a few for yourself or for loved ones.

There are literally so many 1080p webcams available that Amazon is throwing deals at you: coupons, daily discounts, the works. Need it soon? Amazon should be able to ship something to you as quickly as tomorrow.

We haven’t tested these webcams, but we’ve pored through the piles of available models to pick out the best deals based on specs and bundled extras. To help you choose, check out our buying advice below our recommendations.

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