September 27, 2020

Vivaldi’s Break Mode offers a vacation from the Internet

By Mark Hachman

Just in time for the Labor Day holiday, version 3.3 of the Vivaldi browser is launching a “break mode:” a way to pause the browser and walk away without losing anything.

Break Mode, according to Vivaldi, is a one-touch mode in version 3.3 of its desktop browser. The new version of the browser will have a small “pause button” in the lower left-hand corner. When you want to pause what you’re doing, just press the button. “Easily triggered with a pause button at the left corner of the Status Bar, Break Mode mutes and stops HTML5 audio and videos, hides all tabs, panels, and other content leaving the screen clean,” Vivaldi said.

Normally, a user might take a break by walking away from the PC, minimizing the browser, or shutting the app (or the PC) entirely. But according to a Vivaldi representative, minimizing the app wouldn’t pause any playing videos or shut down streaming audio.  “If you minimize Vivaldi it will lose focus, and so it’ll be more work to restore it the way it was before,” she wrote in an email. “Break Mode is really quick.”

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