October 27, 2020

‘The stock market is actually bulls**t’: Seth Meyers tears into Trump congratulating himself amidst crisis

By Amanda Yeo

'The stock market is actually bulls**t': Seth Meyers tears into Trump congratulating himself amidst crisis

As of Monday, 109,746 people in the U.S. have died due to COVID-19Nearly 40 percent of America’s poorest households have lost jobs during the pandemic, while at the same time billionaires gained over half a trillion dollars. Meanwhile, police have been responding to protests against police brutality with even more brutality, attacking peaceful civilians with batons and tear gas.

So, of course, President Donald Trump has been congratulating himself on the stock market.

“If 40 million people have filed for unemployment and over 100,000 have died and police are violently beating peaceful protesters, maybe the stock market hitting an all-time high doesn’t actually mean we as a country are at an all-time high,” said Late Night host Seth Meyers on Monday. “Maybe this is your hint that the stock market is actually bullshit.” …

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