October 19, 2020

Enjoy watching as Brits tear down a slaver’s statue and dump it in the river

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Enjoy watching as Brits tear down a slaver's statue and dump it in the river

If you happen to be looking for the Edward Colston statue in Bristol, England, trying finding it at its new location: in the harbor, at the bottom of the river.

If you’re not sure exactly where, you can try checking Google Maps. It’s been updated with the statue’s new underwater location. (It may be changed back when you go to look, though; keep reading.)

An estimated 10,000 people showed up in Bristol, England on Sunday for a Black Lives Matter protest in solidarity with the hundreds of cities across the United States which have been protesting the police killing of George Floyd.

During the protest, some attendees tied a rope around the memorial of Edward Colston in Bristol, where the bronze statue has stood since 1895. Colston was a 17th century English slave trader and former member of Parliament. He was responsible for transporting more than 100,000 slaves from West Africa. …

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