July 13, 2020

Command & Conquer Remastered impressions: The roots of real-time strategy, resurrected

By Hayden Dingman

“Welcome back, Commander.” It’s been easily two decades since I last sat in this chair, presiding over the Brotherhood of Nod’s forces. A long time.

I’ve grown older but the man briefing me hasn’t aged a day. His name is Seth. Just Seth, as he reminds me, second in command only to Kane himself. He stares back at me from the screen, face bathed in red light, a beret perched on his head. “I have a task for you,” he says. “This is Nikoomba, and he is causing the Brotherhood much grief. His views do not coincide with ours. Silence him.”

Two decades, but for a moment it’s like I can see my younger self again. I was probably eating Dunkaroos at a friend’s house, the world’s most ineffectual (and temporary) commander. A lot has changed since Command & Conquer released in 1995—but not Command & Conquer, for better and for worse.

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