December 5, 2020

The best Valentine’s Day gifts for your husband (UK edition)

The best Valentine's Day gifts for your husband (UK edition)

Love or hate it, Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to right the gift-giving wrongs of Christmas.

Were you sure your husband would love that faux-vintage, Bluetooth-compatible turntable, only to find out later that what he really wanted was a weighted blanket? Did you misinterpret his months of hint-dropping about homebrewing, ponying up for the perfect craft beer kit, when he was actually talking about kombucha?

Besides serving as an opportunity to fulfill leftover festive wishes, Valentine’s Day is also a great time to make your partner feel loved. After all, nailing the perfect gift means not only showing that you’ve been listening, but really reading between the lines. The best gifts are often items the recipient wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves, or even better — things they didn’t even know they wanted in the first place. …

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