October 26, 2020

Why ‘I’m too busy’ isn’t an acceptable excuse

Why 'I'm too busy' isn't an acceptable excuse

Mashable’s new series Don’t @ Me takes unpopular opinions and backs them up with…reasons. We all have our ways, but we may just convince you to change yours. And if not, chill.

The dreaded reminder pops up on my phone: A friend (more of an acquaintance, really, I rationalize) is having a birthday party later tonight. “Urgh I’ve been so busy and am so exhausted. Don’t think I can make it,” I write back, resting a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos on my stomach to briefly pause my fifth consecutive episode of The Great British Bake Off.

We all know what “I’m too busy” really means. It’s our most popular, socially acceptable catch-all excuse for getting out of just about any situation. …

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