October 26, 2020

‘OK, boomer’ has made it to the Supreme Court

'OK, boomer' has made it to the Supreme Court

Boomers hate being called boomers, even though that is what they are. But is saying “OK, boomer” tantamount to discrimination?

The U.S. Supreme Court was forced to tackle this question on Wednesday, when Chief Justice John Roberts Jrraised the meme during oral arguments in an age discrimination case. The phrase has become popular among younger generations, and is typically used to dismiss tiresome, belligerent, or confidently uninformed baby boomers.

The question before the Supreme Court was whether a federal employee had to prove she would have been given career advancements if it hadn’t been for her age, or whether she could win her suit if age was merely one factor amongst multiple reasons she was denied. Her lawyer Roman Martinez was pushing for the latter, as it’s a much easier bar to clear. …

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