June 7, 2020

Malibu Media’s Former Law Firm Says The Copyright Troll Has Been Screwing It Out Of Settlement Payments

Few things are more satisfying than watching copyright trolling efforts disintegrate. Prolific abuser of the court system, Malibu Media, has been slowly self-destructing over the past few years.

In 2016, Malibu Media sued its legal reps because they were at least as corrupt as Malibu Media is. From the filings, it appeared attorney Keith Lipscomb wasn’t sharing the settlements he extracted from alleged pirates. Malibu’s new reps, Pillar Law Group, filed the suit for Malibu. In the court documents, Lipscomb said he felt the copyright trolling business model had outlived its usefulness and was no longer profitable. While this was likely true, it also did double duty as an excuse for Lipscomb’s failure to send Malibu its cut of the settlements.

The relationship with Pillar Law only lasted until last summer. As Fight Copyright Trolls notes, X-Art’/Malibu’s owner is now engaged in a legal dispute with the law group in the Los Angeles County Court.

Roughly about the same time this suit was filed, Malibu was sued by two investors who were promised half of all settlements and half of all profits from Malibu’s media. Apparently, they haven’t been paid either.

This leads us to the current litigation, brought by Malibu’s most recent legal reps. Once again, the non-sharing of settlement funds is the issue.

Lomnitzer Law has followed suit and sued Malibu for breach of contract demanding $280,058.32 plus interest (The Lomnitzer Law Firm, P.A. v. Malibu Media, LLC, FLSD 20-cv-80027-RKA):

Beginning at a date presently unknown, Malibu instructed attorneys in various jurisdictions that were representing Malibu in the nationwide litigation that was being coordinated by the Firm to by-pass the Firm and to remit settlement monies from such litigation other than to the Firm while still expecting the Firm to pay court filing fees, process server fees, etc., all incurred for and on behalf of and for the benefit of Malibu.

Good old Malibu: against the notion of sharing right up until the bitter end. God, I hope it’s the end. Soon. And a super-bitter ending at that.

Let’s not line up to applaud the numerous entities that have sued Malibu Media for being fraudulent. They all got in bed with Malibu at one point. It was only when they personally got screwed that they decided to distance themselves from this syphilitic troll. If this mesh network of litigation can somehow find a way to bankrupt everyone involved, we’ll all be better off.
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