July 14, 2020

How Extra Butter Aims to Reach a Broader Audience

Extra Butter is sharpening its focus to reach more customers.
The sneaker chain, which was cofounded by Jason Faustino, Ankur and Nick Amin in 2007, has homed in on Faustino’s love of film with its newly designed boutique on the Lower East Side.
The space, which is located at 125 Orchard Street, mimics a movie theater. Sneakers and clothes are displayed on the perimeter of the store and theater seats sit in the center. The outside of the flagship features a marquee and a ticket window. When the store is closed, a screen comes down over the storefront that streams movies throughout the night.
“After 10 years in business, we wanted to refocus what our brand DNA and message is,” said Bernie Gross, Extra Butter’s creative director. “We wanted to emphasize film and cinema and translate that into an elevated retail experience.”
This redesign comes after Extra Butter has made some internal staff changes and expanded the team. Since TSG Inc., Extra Butter’s parent company, acquired Jeff Staple’s Reed Space last year, Staple has come on to help with creative direction. The company has also hired Paul Lee, who was formerly the creative brand director and senior buyer at Ubiq in Philadelphia, as general

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