October 26, 2020

Camille Rose Naturals Adds Body, Skin-care Products

Camille Rose Naturals is branching beyond the multicultural hair section.
The brand is known for hair products for women with natural and curly hair — which, in its retail partners, sit in the ethnic hair aisle. But with its late-December debut of facial soap, body collection and Superfood Vitamins at Target, Camille Rose will soon be in the market for all demographics.

Camille Rose Super Foods

“We don’t want to just sit in the hair category, we want to branch out,” said Janell Stephens, the brand’s founder. “Camille Rose is a total-wellness type of brand — we started with hair, but we have so much more to offer.”
For Camille Rose, the future includes launching its Garden Collection, which includes Tamanu, Turmeric and Rice Bran facial soaps, plus Body Collection, including Cupacu Sweet Cream Body Nourisher, Orange Honey Bath Elixir and Caramelized Cane and Sugar Balm, with Target on Dec. 24 exclusively for nine months. The body, facial soap and vitamin launches come as the brand works to migrate into the lifestyle category — cleaning products and candles are coming soon, starting with the brand’s holiday gift set, Stephens said. The company also plans to debut collagen and turmeric supplements in the future.

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