October 27, 2020

Selling Fragrance Online Works With Discovery Kits, Says L2

Sampling is the key to selling fragrance online, according to the experts at L2.
Discovery kits that include trial sizes of a brand’s fragrances have been working very well for indie brands because they let consumers try before they online buy, according to Becca Edelman, senior research associate at L2.
“The trend right now is pointing toward greater demand for personalized fragrance,” Edelman said. “These fragrance kits and discovery kits are ways for brands to expand their reach, and a way for users to get over their fear of spending a lot of money [and then not liking what they buy].”
Those sets can also work for design-led fragrance houses, Edelman noted, citing Elizabeth and James’ holiday collection from 2016, which contained several deluxe-sized samples.
“There’s definitely opportunity there,” she said. “If [designer fragrances] were to put their power behind it, I think they would be able to steal back some of that visibility from the small brands.”
Sample kits make up 71 percent of the products on Sephora’s primary fragrance web page, according to a recent fragrance L2 report, and the retailer promotes the discovery sets with paid search on Google.
Some brands are using their own web sites to promote trial sizes. Atelier Cologne,

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