November 27, 2020

Thom Browne RTW Spring 2018

Thom Browne designed to his Paris moment. “When I thought of doing my first show here, I wanted to celebrate what, in my mind, Paris fashion is all about — the craftsmanship of couture,” he said during a preview.
Browne called his vision of couture “almost childlike,” one represented for spring in a single word: tulle. He thus devised a personal creative challenge: to taking the classic American fabrics he loves – madras, seersucker, checks – and re-create them in a collection made almost entirely of tulle. “Especially for the first show, I wanted a real celebration of the culture of fashion in Paris,” he said. “But then, to make sure that people saw the true connection to what I’ve been doing.”
What this man did with tulle was staggering. In paying homage to couture, he created couture — a collection that would have shown as brilliantly in July as it did on Tuesday at the Hotel de Ville. The mastery of these clothes was beyond, the fabric development remarkable. Imagine a trim madras jacket that looks like real thing, but woven with painstaking precision from strips of tulle. Or a cricket jacket, its half-“exploded,” half-shaved tulle configuration mocking the conservatism of the real thing. Or

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