November 27, 2020

Baz Luhrmann on Karl Lagerfeld’s Staging Genius

SHOW BUSINESS: “I’ve always maintained that if Karl [Lagerfeld] gave up his day job he’d be the world’s greatest opera director. He’s so great at the mise-en-scène, and creating gigantic operatic moments,” said Baz Luhrmann, who joined guests including Cindy Crawford, Vanessa Paradis and Monica Bellucci at the Chanel show Tuesday in the Grand Palais, presented against the backdrop of a vast waterfall set.
“He’s a brilliant stage director, he really is,” added Luhrmann, who said the scenery made him think of the Niagara Falls but also his homeland, Australia. “That brown waterfall, and I love the way the water is shining in the sunlight this morning. It’s great that the Grand Palais has access to the outdoor environment because you can’t create that light—that looks so real up there. It’s brilliant. I guess with Karl, you always ask what’s next, how much bigger can it get?”
“Baz says it reminds him of Niagara Falls, I don’t know, I thought it was something oriental because of the shapes of the trees and the rock,” said Luhrmann’s front row neighbor, Mario Testino. “I was wondering who is throwing the water over the top,” he laughed. The photographer’s current projects include opening more playgrounds in his

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