November 29, 2020

What It Took to Make the Curry 4 Sneaker

Kort Neumann faced a daunting task after meeting Stephen Curry’s design demands with the Under Armour Curry 3: Come up with a totally different concept for the Curry 4.
“He loved the step-in comfort of the 3. He loved the traction as well. [But] he felt like the shoe was too bulky,” Neumann said. “Although he was looking for something stable at the time, he wanted something streamlined and speedier for the 4.”
It took 18 months of conceptualizing and 20-plus iterations of the shoe before Neumann, the brand’s senior footwear designer, and his team were satisfied with the new look. Neumann admitted the biggest challenge in designing the shoe was getting people — Curry included — to believe in his vision.
The exposed Speed Plate on the Under Armour Curry 4.
“The initial illustrations were a little provocative and looked very different from where we were,” Neumann said. “It was nerve-racking because you have to prove your theories out and prove that these things work.”
What helped the designer was how engaged Curry was when he showed him his sketches. “I gave him my sketchbook and said, ‘Go through this. If you see something you like, please circle it, and if you don’t like

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