November 23, 2020

Brussels’ Manneken-Pis Dresses Up for Fashion

FUN IN BRUSSELS: Despite its reputation for producing fashion talent, Belgium is lacking its own fashion week. The country has decided to piggyback off Paris Fashion Week to celebrate creativity in its own irreverent way — by dressing one of Brussels’ most famous landmarks, the Manneken-Pis, in an array of designer outfits.
As part of the “Belgium, uniquely phenomenal” promotional campaign that debuted earlier this year, Belgian authorities are revealing a series of outfits on the famous bronze statue of a little boy urinating. They are to appear on its social media sites throughout the day on Monday.
They include a leather worker’s outfit from Delvaux, a Belgian Pride ensemble by Jean-Paul Gaultier, a pink ribbon creation by Natan’s Edouard Vermeulen intended to raise breast cancer awareness and designs by Marina Yee and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.
The tradition of dressing up the Manneken-Pis apparently dates back to the 17th century, and he has an incredible 970 outfits. Earlier this year, a museum displaying them opened close by the famous statue.
The statue, designed by Hieronimus Duquesnoy the Elder, is seen as a symbol of the sense of humor and independence of the people of Brussels.

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