November 25, 2020

A$AP Rocky Opens New York-Style Bodega at Selfridges Selling Krispy Kremes and Slogan T-shirts

HIS FAVORITE THINGS: A$AP Rocky is no stranger to fashion, having appeared in campaigns for brands ranging from Dior to Zalando and designing capsule collections for Guess. For his latest project, he’s moved into retail with a pop-up at Selfridges that’s been designed to resemble a New York-style bodega.
The musician, a loyal customer of the Oxford Street store, wanted to re-create the bodega experience in his native New York — still one of his favorite cities — so he put together a patchwork of his favorite things, ranging from doughnuts to hoodies.
“Rocky was born and raised in New York, where you’ll find bodegas on every block,” said Matthew Henson, fashion director of the musician’s creative collective, AWGE. “We felt like this was an experience that was only happening in New York City. I mean, there’s small one-stop shops elsewhere, but there’s nothing like a full bodega experience. So we took some of his favorite items and things he’s always wanted to make, and opened up the shop in London, which is one of his favorite cities.”

A$AP Rocky opens the AWGE Bodega at Selfridges.
Courtesy Photo

The space, dubbed “AWGE Bodega,”is located in a hidden corner of the store’s lower ground floor. It

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