November 25, 2020

Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood Fall 2017

In this Burning Man goes to Bavaria trip, Andreas Kronthaler paraded apocalyptic gypsy raver gear for men, women and genderless types against a backdrop of guys in briefs wrapped in duvets.
Key looks included a satin Nehru-collared jacket graffitied with a white face and matching skirt with an arrow pointing to the crotch; a dress printed with a forest scene cinched — Bavarian maid-style — with a wrestling belt, and a messy graffitied wrap top dangling with natty fringe over saggy beach-bum shorts worn with a black sombrero and a giant sack scribbled with penis drawings. (In Kronthaler and Westwood’s world, your average everyday gear.)
Topping off the wacky, colorful looks was a run of out-there headgear made from packaging, like a bubble wrap headscarf.
Breaking with the far-out spirit was a totally wearable long-sleeved floral cotton dress. For all its eccentricity, the collection, in its parts, sheltered plenty of approachable merch.

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