May 7, 2021

Nicholas Kirkwood Is Tired of Information Overload

There’s a good chance you know what your favorite celebrity ate for breakfast this morning, but Nicholas Kirkwood wonders whether all this information is healthy for us.
In his Paris Fashion Week presentation today, titled “An Impression of Stolen Space,” the designer explored removing elements from a full picture and alluding to volumes that weren’t actually there.
Nicholas Kirkwood spring ’18
“We have an insatiable appetite for information, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. Are we exposed to too much in today’s society?” wrote Kirkwood in his show notes. “Does too much information suppress imagination and remove an aspect of intrigue?”
The designer was inspired by the work of artist Eva Rothschild, whose sculptural works are defined by unstable geometric firms. At the same time, Rothschild references minimalism — so Kirkwood referenced early ‘90s minimalism for several of his designs. He also studied the work of Italian architect Carlo Scarpa as he was dreaming up his new designs.
Nicholas Kirkwood spring ’18
Key product groups included Nini, which is named after Scarpa’s wife. A new block heel was finished with gold medal detailing that appears as a jewelry-like adornment. Uppers feature leather, folded over, and satin.
The Mica series features a plexi heel with cloudy detail, giving the impression of smoke being

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