December 6, 2020

Alessandra Rich RTW Spring 2018

Alessandra Rich always concocts a charmingly daffy story, usually of a young girl with big dreams and questionable taste, within which to frame her ditzy-fab dresses. For spring it began with the iconic “V-J Day in Times Square” photo of a sailor impulsively kissing a nurse (she was actually a dental assistant) in celebration of the end of the Second World War. Rich had a new story for the nurse: “The young girl moved on, she still loves uniforms, matched with diamond brooches and huge jewel buttons, but now you’re going to have to fight to kiss her,” read the show notes, which were as fun and fanciful as the collection.
As the girl moved on, Rich did too, expanding beyond her standard repertoire of glam, gauche dresses with military-inspired tailoring and posh but plucky tweeds. A blue admirals jacket was done with rhinestone buttons instead of brass and a cheekier — literally — version was cut just below the bum and worn as a dress. Although worn with geek-chic glasses with gold chain-link lanyards, Rich’s tweed jackets were more suited to a day at the pool than the library as they came in candy colors and were worn with HotPants.

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