November 27, 2020

Backstage Beauty Makeup Trends in Milan for RTW Spring 2018

ALBERTA FERRETTI: “The most beautiful girl in the world” is what makeup artist Tom Pecheaux aimed at while creating the beauty look for Alberta Ferretti — “a very sexy woman,” Pecheaux underscored. Smoky eyes defined by a little bit of eyeliner were key. On top, a very fresh lavender glitter by MAC Cosmetics highlighted eyelids and cheekbones. It’s not a glossy look, but a glowy one: “We replaced the gloss with a glitter,” Pecheaux explained. The makeup played with the contrast of a very satiny skin and nude lips. Skin was prepared with a massage and a little bit of contour, while no powder was used, and it was smoothed with Waterweight foundation by MAC Cosmetics, in a way that it looked flawless but natural. Waterweight foundation was used on the cheek contour, two shades darker than the model’s skin tone.
FENDI: The beauty look at Fendi was all about the eye. Makeup artist Peter Philips shaped a very graphic makeup to get a “strong, bold effect,” he said. Inspired by the ready-to-wear collection, Philips mixed ranges of colors to get to a petrol, blue-green hue, which matched the clothes. A little bit of black mascara was used on the top

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