November 24, 2020

Thom Browne to Talk Business With Fern Mallis at 92Y in January

TIME FOR THOM: Chatting with Thom Browne at the FIT Couture Council’s annual luncheon in his honor earlier this month, Fern Mallis told him she thought it might be time for him to pull up a chair for a Q&A at 92Y.
“I told him, ‘I want to talk to you at the Y. What do you think?’ He said he’d love to. I said [cajolingly], ‘And you promise you’ll talk?’” Mallis said of the Jan. 10 event.
The antithesis of publicity-seeking, Browne is more apt to let his collections speak for him. But recent interviews have drawn back the curtains on what is reportedly nearing a $125 million business. He started the company in 2001, introduced the first men’s wear collection in 2003 and a women’s one in 2011. While some don’t understand the size of his company, Mallis said his decision to move his women’s runway show to Paris from New York has furthered interest in the designer. And his monthlong residency at Colette opens Monday. “There is just a lot of conversation about Thom. People are really intrigued by him,” Mallis said.
“There is nothing safe about what Thom puts forth and into the industry. Since day one, he’s been

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