May 11, 2021
Uncategorized 2017: Kobe Bryant Talks Career Transition, Books, Oscars Chatter

Kobe Bryant used to dream of winning basketball championships and now may be fulfilling what so many in Hollywood often fantasize about, with buzz building around a potential Oscar nomination.
The retired Los Angeles Laker’s short animated film “Dear Basketball” has been chatted up as a possible Oscar nominee in what he said was meant to be “my retirement letter to the game.”
“To sit here right now, to even hear you say that the film is even being considered for an Oscar nom, that’s crazy. I’m winning championships. That’s what I dream of. That’s beyond any realm of any dream whatsoever,” he said.
Bryant, chief executive officer of Kobe Inc. and a general partner at Bryant Stibel, closed out the National Retail Federation’s annual conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center Wednesday talking about the transformation he’s undergone via projects taken up since his move away from professional basketball.
Chief among those is Granity Studios, which he said he’s focused on building. The company’s name is a fusion of the words “greater than infinity,” with the bold vision of creating a media company that tells stories withstanding the test of time. The athlete said he’s working on eight different novels, something he said

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