November 26, 2020

Italia 90s – fashion’s new favourite decade

Leggings, logos, skaters and supermodels ruled at Milan fashion week, as the big name designers rolled back the years

It used to be that there needed to be 30 years between a decade and its revival – see the 40s reworked in the 70s or the 50s through the prism of the 80s. No longer. It is 2017 and we are already deep into a 90s revival thanks to a Tumblr generation who have pored over the finer points of Destiny’s Child’s tour wardrobe and the haircuts on Friends. Milan saw the return of the 90s in all its pomp – less grunge, more glamour – with R&B on the soundtracks and bumbags in the front row. Here are five ways the catwalk fell hard for the decade.

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