May 11, 2021

Why do models always look so glum? Well, they’ve got good reason to

With the exception of some London fashion week shows, models tend to wear a furious death stare. It’s hard to blame them – what with the constant criticism and pressure to be thin

Why do models always look so miserable on the catwalk?
Iain, by email

For approximately the 17,321,212nd time, this column finds it can only answer a reader’s question with some assistance from David Sedaris. Don’t we all wish Sedaris had a weekly style column? And restaurant review slot? And celebrity gossip column? And an entire newspaper just to himself? There are not many people who you would eagerly pay money to read on anything, and even fewer who you know would bring greater wisdom to that subject than any of the so-called specialists in their respective fields. But I would pay triple for The Daily Sedaris.

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