November 27, 2020

Why Adidas Ambassador Hannah Bronfman Is a Formidable Fitness Influencer

The idea of who a female athlete is, and what fitness means to her, is changing — and Hannah Bronfman is a powerful example of the new athletic era.
“I consider myself an athlete, for sure, but I’m not a competitive professional,” Bronfman said. “I work out five times a week, but I try to do something active every day, whether that’s swimming, going for a walk, hiking.”
Part of what defines the contemporary influencer in this arena is an openness to participate in many fit-focused activities, as well as a desire to empower others.
Kira Stokes, a fitness expert and Stoked Method training program founder — who has spent ample time working out with Bronfman — can vouch for the athlete’s embodiment of these traits.
“She dabbles in everything, she’s willing to try anything, and she’s about promoting body confidence and a mind-body connection to workouts,” Stokes said. “With Hannah, it’s about looking and feeling good, and having an open mind to all different modalities of fitness. She’s not one-dimensional.”
Hannah Bronfman, the cover subject for FN’s Sept. 25, 2017, issue.
But the popular social media figure and DJ’s wellness obsession extends beyond the gym. Bronfman is actively engaged with female fitness and wellness aficionados

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