November 25, 2020

Salvatore Ferragamo Fetes Scent Launch During Milan Fashion Week

MILAN — Salvatore Ferragamo is celebrating the most important love in a woman’s life: the love for herself.
This is the key concept of “Amo Ferragamo,” the fashion label’s newest scent, which was unveiled during an exclusive dinner held at Palazzo Mezzanotte — which houses the Italian stock exchange — on Saturday evening.
The scent’s name is a pun, alluding both to the end of the word Ferragamo and the Italian expression for “I love.”
“Ferragamo is a brand of passion and a brand of love,” said the company’s president and chairman Ferruccio Ferragamo during the launch, staged ahead of the brand’s spring 2018 fashion show. “I think the name could not have been more appropriate. My father started his career making shoes but his dream was to dress women, from head to toe. Actually from toe to head,” Ferragamo said, adding that the label’s founder would have been “very pleased that tonight we’re celebrating something that goes in the air, but it’s very important for our customers.”
Amo Ferragamo targets a different kind of woman from the house’s banner scent line “Signorina.” In this fragrance, the romantic side of the Ferragamo woman gives way to her strength and self-awareness.
“It was about time we worked on

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