December 5, 2020

Beauty: the best new highlighters

Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Beauty Light Wand is the best highlighter I’ve ever used

It would be bold to declare the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Light Wand (£29) the best highlighter I have ever used, but, well, I think it may be the best highlighter I’ve ever used – and I daresay I’ve tried several hundred others.

This new launch is my favourite, because it fixes every problem I’ve ever had with the rest. It has a cream-gel texture that’s thin enough to spread sparingly and evenly over cheekbones, forehead, browbones and chin without clogging, dragging and caking, but isn’t so fluid as to run riot over the entire face. Consequently, it glides over foundation, rather than merging with it to become cloudy and grey. It has exactly the right amount of gleam for my taste – glowy like a pearl, not spangly like a rhinestone.

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