December 1, 2020

How Alessandro Michele Guccified the Humble Medical Support Sock

Mysticism, hypnotism, Elton John, ice-skater costumes, vintage ’80s embellished shellsuits and Melaine Griffiths character in “Working Girl” were just some of themes Alessandro Michele visited for Gucci spring 2018 ready-to-wear.
Yes, to say the collection was eclectic is the grossest of under-statements. Even by Michele’s standards. So rather than trying to dissect the macchinations of the Michele mind, let’s retreat to a save place. Let’s talk socks.
Hosiery has already been big business on the spring runways but, as always, Michele has given the trend his own inimitable spin. And today in Milan it proved just as important and the actual footwear itself.

So how does one reimagine/Guccify the sock? If you’re Alessandro Michele, it involves stirrup iterations looped underneath dragon embroidered brogues, ribbed versions worn with knickerbockers and suspenders and tan semi opaque tights embellished with tiny crystal tear drops worn with fish-scale and sequin strappy sandals — a nod to aforementioned ice-skater — plus lots of chunky beige numbers teamed with Gucci logo lace ups and slippers and that other house signature, the horse-bit snaffle. In slide form.

Many had the look of a pair of support stockings purchased from a medical supplies store that may or may not also sell you a neck brace with a crystal embellished

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