November 27, 2020

Gucci RTW Spring 2018

The impeccably curated tableau vivant of artful, ironic juxtaposition features a too-tall putti-painted architectural panel turned on its side against romantic floral wallpaper. In front of the panel, a tapestry-covered settee awaits Alessandro Michele. He arrives with the aura of a rock-‘n’-roll aesthete: Seventies haircut and beard working in concert with his Gucci street-glam regalia: aviator shades; gorgeous bejeweled, sequined baseball jacket over jeans, the hem of one leg turned up just a casual smidgen; dragons on his boots.
The occasion — an “intimate” press conference (12 journalists) that replaced Michele’s usual backstage walk-throughs, and through which he waxed fashion-deep and philosophic. On the industry’s mind-set: “[Fashion is] the only language that wanted to keep the old codes…that doesn’t work anymore for me.” On his creative evolution: “Now it’s more than beauty, it’s more about a state of mind…an idea of community.” On continuing his now-signature Gucci aesthetic: “I want to go deep…[with] this little swimming pool, and make the swimming pool like an ocean.”
To those who buy into deep fashion thoughts — one assumes, everyone in the room — it made for often provocative discourse. For those who don’t — had Christopher Guest filmed the session for a make-fun-of-fashion-movie, he could insert it as is. (It recalled

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