November 26, 2020

Peach & Lily’s Newest Pick From the K-beauty Garden

Peach & Lily founder and chief executive officer Alicia Yoon is at it again. Her latest discovery — set to launch exclusively on her web site on Tuesday — is Femmue, a collection of botanical beauty products.
Femmue was founded in South Korea by Kelly Chung, inspired by her research linked to the energy of flowers.
Yoon, whose Peach & Lily e-commerce site is a trailblazer in South Korean beauty, believes Femmue has the potential to be a breakthrough hit.
“We think that this can become one of the top brands on our retail platform because it hits all the right notes: natural formulas, surprising and delightful textures that give the brand a certain whimsy and playfulness, a totally indulgent experience, beautiful packaging and gorgeous colors and textures, and importantly, visible results,” she told WWD.
According to Yoon, products with floral extracts have a heritage in South Korean beauty. “However, what stood out to me about Femmue’s floral ingredients were three things that took floral extracts to a whole new level of innovation,” she added.
The first distinguishing factor, she noted, is that Femmue partners with a natural lab in South Korea housing some of the most extensive data and research on floral extracts. “The formulas

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