December 5, 2020

Neiman Marcus Fetes Zac Posen in Dallas

DALLAS — Neiman Marcus, Zac Posen and jeweler Margot McKinney took the Crystal Charity Ball Fashion Show and Luncheon to a whole new level.
Seventy-two evening ensembles, some so lavish they rustled the toes of spectators, swept by one after another, each garnished with jewels from a $40 million array that McKinney had escorted from Australia.
“It’s fabulous on top of fabulous,” said Neiman’s senior vice president and fashion director Ken Downing.
The 43rd annual ball was a fitting conclusion to a week that marked the retailer’s 110th anniversary.
“When you celebrate a birthday that ends in a ‘0,’ you have to pull out the stops,” said Neiman’s chairman and chief executive officer Karen Katz.
“This lineup has never been presented to anyone,” Downing pointed out. “At first the music was going to be esoteric and now it’s all a dance remix with a DJ because we want the women to really enjoy this moment.”
Even former First Lady Laura Bush occasionally bopped her head to the beat.
“I think this is the prettiest one they’ve ever had,” remarked Patsy Donosky, who has attended every Crystal Charity Ball luncheon since the Sixties.
“The show was spectacular,” echoed Dallas Cowboys executive and heiress Charlotte Jones Anderson. Dressed in a slim

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