November 25, 2020

Fragrance Veterans Create the Society of Scent

A band of fragrance veterans — including Frederic Jacques and Jean-Claude Delville — has started an unconventional kind of perfumery operation, called The Society of Scent, which is driven by free-wheeling collaboration with rule-breaking creativity as its centerpiece.
“The idea is to create a movement,” Jacques said, “that is why we have The Society of Scent.” He added, “What we want [ to do] is to make perfumery cool again.”
The focus of this movement is to put the perfumers back in the spotlight. He noted, “If you are going to create fragrances, you need to concentrate on the creation and not the production.”
In order to avoid walling off management into silos, the core group of partners describe their roles more in terms of their functions, rather than their specific titles. Jacques, whose last job was heading the fine fragrance division of Takasago, describes himself as a coordinator and a “driver of the ship to the destination.” Delville, who was a senior perfumer at Drom Fragrances before he retired in April, is master perfumer of the new firm.
Delville, who clearly values inclusiveness, said, “Yes, I am the perfumer, but we are all perfumers here. This is going to be a collaboration; we

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