January 23, 2021

Markus Lupfer RTW Spring 2018

A Slim Aarons photo came to life at Markus Lupfer’s cheerfully decadent spring presentation. The only difference was his girls had more fun at the imaginary pool — and with their clothing. Picture them tucking their printed cabana shirts into high-waist briefs and parading in translucent dresses with floral appliqués that were modeled after vintage swimming caps.
All the while, mischievous little monkeys were swinging from vines on a print used for retro-tinged pool turbans and the set’s boisterous furniture.
It all felt a little naughty, but made sophisticated via Lupfer’s luxurious use of fabric. He employed pleated georgette for colorful skirts that were veiled with black organza, oozing a chic and entertaining air. Twin sets matched with Chevron knits were fetching, especially when paired with knitted drawstring shorts and platform sandals that were fastened with straps in the shape of jeweled parrots and sequined rainbows.
With everything being so serious lately, Lupfer said he just wanted to have fun and see life in color again. “This is for the hedonistic girl, addicted to excess, who enjoys life,” he said of his fun-loving tableau.

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