November 29, 2020

Phoebe English RTW Spring 2018

Phoebe English teamed with puppet-maker Judith Hope and presented her spring range through an immersive performance with live models that handled miniature marionettes at Hollybush Gardens Gallery.
English said showing in this format gave her the opportunity to change up how she presents. “Fashion is always sort of super heightened towards bigger, better, sparklier and glamorous — all these new ways of selling,” said English. “So I thought it would be interesting to come at it from an opposite perspective and just actually make everything smaller and more intimate. So the collection is in a miniature size, alongside the normal-sized pieces. This was an opportunity to play with looking at how people see things and whether you can emphasize something by actually making it smaller.”
The designer — who is celebrating the brand’s sixth anniversary in a few weeks — said the collection was made for the quintessential Phoebe English girl and noted that it is a milestone for her. “It was about solidifying everything I’ve done for the past six years in a very, hopefully, easily approachable and consumable product,” said English.
The designer sent out a well-constructed lineup filled with delicate bespoke fabrications and draping details.
English focused on handmade textiles —

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