November 29, 2020

Jeremy Scott Toasts Ugg Collab in London

EASY DOES IT: “I love how cozy they are,” said Jeremy Scott, flashing his flame-adorned Uggs at the cavernous Café de Paris, where he was hosting a party with i-D to celebrate his collaboration with the sheepskin boot brand.
Scott said the collaboration is the result of a serendipitous encounter and his genuine love of the furry boots. “Oh my God, I love Uggs! I buy them and wear them all the time. I wear them with pants; I sleep with them on sometimes – seriously. I’m ridiculous about it. They’re the best house slippers.
“Then just by chance somehow, my assistant met someone from Ugg’s p.r., in normal life, no work appointment, and they were, like, ‘Oh God, Jeremy loves Uggs!’ and the Ugg person was, like, ‘Really?’ And it all happened from there because I’m obsessed with wearing them.”
Justine Skye, the 22-year-old American singer-songwriter and model, had just arrived in London and was accompanied to the party by her own mother. “I am super excited for the Tommy Hilfiger show [on Tuesday],” she told WWD. “I just had a fitting for it, actually, and it’s cool because my best friend [Gigi Hadid] helped design it.”

Jeremy Scott and Justine Skye
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