November 27, 2020

Jamie Kern Lima Calls for Real Women in Beauty Campaigns

Jamie Kern Lima is ready for the beauty industry to get real.
As she accepted her award at the CEW Achiever Awards on Friday, Lima, the founder and chief executive officer of It Cosmetics, called for the beauty industry to start using everyday women in imagery. Lima, who sold her business in 2016 to L’Oreal for $1.2 billion, explained why she uses real women in her campaigns.
“In the beauty industry, we’ve bought into the notion that you have to show these unattainable images of aspiration in order to sell products – me standing here right now and the success of It Cosmetics is proof that this isn’t true,” Lima said, launching into an impassioned speech as she accepted her award.
“What my gut told me was women are tired of buying from ads in commercials with women who don’t look like them,” Lima said, talking about her first launch on QVC. “I decided to literally risk everything and do things differently.” She sold out her 6,400 concealers in 10 minutes, she said.
It came at a time when a potential investor had told Lima that he was going to pass on doing a deal. “I’ll never forget when I asked him why. He

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