November 26, 2020

Caroline Vreeland: What I Loved, What Hasn’t Done It for Me & What I’ll Be Coveting Come Spring

Oh hello there, it’s me, Caroline Vreeland.
In the past few days I’ve done eight different varieties of face masks, spent more time with my driver than my boyfriend, attempted a vegetarian lifestyle (didn’t last long), danced, laughed until I cried, and attempted to fit my boobs into countless ensembles. As I now have a brief respite from the madness of New York Fashion Week, here’s what I’ve seen, what I loved, what hasn’t done it for me, and what I will be coveting come spring. Onward!
Caroline Vreeland’s Fashion Week Diary.
Marc Jacobs
There was something stunning about the quietude of Marc Jacobs this year. Fashion week, with all its noise and glitz, and one exaggerated party after another (Paper Magazine had to call in the police lieutenant and there were officers on horseback outside of the Times Square Dave & Busters on Monday night…).
The silence was, I must say, nice. Music helps to define the woman walking down the catwalk — who she is, what she orders at the bar, who she falls in love with, but when you are left to your own devices to understand the looks it adds a bit of fun mysterious. It’s like dating before the internet.

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