November 29, 2020

Kyle Ng of Brain Dead on Red Bull TV Series

Kyle Ng belies the predominant streetwear designer persona.
Ng, who cofounded Brain Dead with Ed Davis in 2014, is gregarious, inclusive and good-humored, and his personality is on full display for “Social Fabric,” a 12-episode Red Bull TV series that’s streaming online now. Ng hosts the series.
“Streetwear is so pretentious and so cool guy, and I would say I am less fronting guy and more goofy guy,” Ng said. “I think at the end of the day the brand is very different from the show, but for me it doesn’t matter. I say the brand is its own kid. I’m not the brand.”
On the series, Ng travels around the world to learn about the culture behind plaid, sneakers, the leather jacket, the suit and cowboy boots.
“We were really interested in the cultural history of style and not from a fashion perspective but more from the side of ‘Where does it come from? Why do people wear what they wear and how does that communicate to different cultures?’” Ng said. “How does one item transcend different people and connect with different people.”
Brain Dead is still relatively new, but Ng and Davis have built a community around the line, which is informed by

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