November 29, 2020

Nordstrom’s Latest Store Barely Stocks Clothes Or Shoes — Here’s Why

Nordstrom is going for a huge downsize in real estate with its latest retail concept, Nordstrom Local, which will occupy a space of 3,000 square feet while the typical Nordstrom department store is about 140,000 square feet.
Nordstrom Local is a customer-focused concept that focuses on services to better assist shoppers rather than stocking inventory. Nordstrom Local is closer to a community hub than a store, offering a comfortable meeting space where shoppers can enjoy a coffee, glass of wine or a local beer while discussing clothing and styling options.
The retail platform considers the overall experience of the Nordstrom shopper. It is far more than a traditional store where shoppers pick out clothing, purchase it and leave. Instead, Nordstrom Local offers its customers great services and engaging with them to help meet their needs.
After discussing his or her wants with a personal stylist over a drink, the shopper at Nordstrom Local can select items that the personal stylist can then provide. Once shopping needs have been met, the shopper can enjoy a manicure at Nordstrom Local to complement his or her new outfits.
Nordstrom SVP of customer experience Shea Jensen led the Nordstrom Local plan. She explained, “We know there are more

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