November 29, 2020

Whoopi Goldberg’s Multiple Endeavors

WHOOPI TIME: Whoopi Goldberg came out Sunday afternoon to see Tracy Reese’s fashion show at Pier 59 and shared several of her new projects. Goldberg, who launched “ugly” Christmas sweaters at Lord & Taylor last year, has decided to shift gears and sell Zappos exclusively.
“I’ll be doing more strange designs and some that we did before,” said Goldberg, who was at the show with her friend Gary Wassner, chief executive officer of Hilldun Corp. and chairman of Interluxe Holdings LLC, who arranged the manufacturing of the sweaters for her.
Goldberg said she’s added some additional sizes, and they will go up to XXL. “Christmas sweaters should be XXL. You can wear things under it,” said Goldberg, who’s talking to Zappos about expanding into additional categories such as denim jackets, hoodies and jumpsuits. Goldberg said her granddaughters are working with her on the development of the line. Goldberg is also working on a project for Interview magazine and will be attending several fashion shows this week. Asked which ones, she couldn’t say. “The adults have the list,” she joked.
As for other projects, Goldberg has developed (with her business partner Maya Elizabeth) a medical cannabis rub for women’s menstrual cramps called Whoopi &

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