November 29, 2020

Bridget Foley’s Diary: Bedford Calls

“The automobile has become our national sex symbol,” wrote William Faulkner in a lengthy evidentiary musing on sex and cars in “Intruder in the Dust.”
Faulkner had but words and wits — and whiskey — to make his point. On Tuesday, Ralph Lauren will support a similar thesis with evidence of a more tangible sort when he shows his fall wear-now collection in the upstate garage that houses his world-class car collection. Three hundred guests will be transported by car — alas, those of the traditional car service variety, no vintage red Ferraris — to the event in Bedford, N.Y., 40 miles north of Manhattan. The collection has been seen before, in museum exhibitions in Paris and Boston. But this is the first time Lauren will open one of his properties for a fashion show.
Asked about the dramatic change of venue, Lauren told WWD that, in considering fashion focus on “experiences,” he thought this would make an interesting tie-in to his fashion perspective. “When someone gets into a beautiful car, it enhances their world. If you get into a racing car, it’s sexy.”
WWD: So Ralph, why Bedford?
Ralph Lauren: It’s one of those things. I was working on my collection and I

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