November 27, 2020

Pamella Roland RTW Spring 2018

It’s no surprise Pamella Roland felt an instant connection to Monaco while on a recent trip there for the Grand Prix. The country is full of iconic references — the French Riviera, the infamous Monte Carlo Casino, not to mention Grace Kelly, who has become a character study of timeless elegance.
For a company known for gowns and cocktail attire, it’s an elegant place to start. “To see these buildings in the spring, the flowers, the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, it just made me think,” Roland said ahead of her show.
Her lineup was brimming with one enchanting look after the next. A blush and gunmetal ombré embroidered cocktail dress evoked the excitement of the destination, while a fuchsia and navy gown with chiffon panels spoke to the glamour. At times the frills felt overworked, as in a mini gold number with fringe, but an air of opulence was certainly alive. If nothing else, the plume shrug oozed excess in the best possible way.
“This collection is definitely listening to my customer,” Roland continued. “It’s not to impress anybody but my customer. They want color, they want opulence, they want pink.” She delivered on the latter with a blinding hand-pleated gown. While the operative

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