November 24, 2020

Exemplaire Launches First Scent

PARIS — Jean-Victor Meyers was initiated into the fragrance world literally from birth — after all, he’s the great-grandson of L’Oréal founder Eugène Schueller. But he hasn’t necessarily adopted the beauty company’s quest for mega-hits. When readying a first scent with Louis Leboiteux, his partner in Exemplaire, the last thing in mind was developing a top-10 perfume.
“The idea, when we started, was to make a very high-end fragrance that we would wear ourselves,” Meyers told WWD of the cashmere-focused fashion brand’s new perfume, Eau d’Initié, which starts selling on Monday. It’s an explanation echoing that of the raison d’être for Exemplaire’s birth.
“We like to be very picky about the quality, [and] also want to have something quite exclusive,” he continued.
And exclusive is how it all began, since the unisex scent was first given to insiders — or initiés — of the duo’s intimate circle of friends, family and top clients.
Meyers takes a straightforward approach to perfume creation. “To me, fragrance is similar to cooking,” he said. “Like for a very good dish, you need to have a great cook and great ingredients [at the start].”

Jean-Victor Meyers
Ed Alcock / M.Y.O.P.

Leboiteux suggested Firmenich perfumer Christophe Raynaud for the project. The executives then discussed Exemplaire with

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